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Soil Wealth: Healthy soils for profitable vegetable crops

Healthy soil is the lifeblood of Australian vegetable producers, and most growers are keen to manage their soils in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

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floating covers and barrier

An investigation of low cost protective cropping

Prolonged heat waves and other extreme weather events can seriously impact vegetable quality, reducing grower profit and interrupting supply. Low cost protective structures can potentially fill the gap between open field production and full controlled-environment production.

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Solar panels and wind farms

On-farm power generation – options for vegetable growers

Australian vegetable growers are major electricity users, with electricity costing the average farm over $50,000 annually. This project provides accurate estimates of costs and returns for generating electricity on farm.

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Qfly egg laying in chilli

New in-field treatment solutions to control fruit fly

Fruit flies are considered the world’s most serious group of horticultural pests. The withdrawal of insecticides dimethoate and fenthion has made it increasingly challenging for growers to prevent infestation of fruiting vegetable crops and meet stringent market access requirements.

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Integrating soil health practices into a commercial vegetable farming operation

Vegetable growers in Australia mainly use conventional cultivation methods, including rotary hoes and disc ploughing, which are expensive and damaging to soils. Improving soil health through the use of organic composts, biofumigant cover crops, legumes and minimum tillage can increase …

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