Monthly Archives: March 2015

Brassica guide cover

Pest and disease identification guides available

  NEW pest and disease identification guides are now available !                               Pests, Diseases and Disorders of Carrots, Celery and Parsley Pests, Diseases and Disorders of …

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Improved postharvest management of chestnuts

A project AHR conducted for the chestnut industry in 2013 identified some inefficiencies in the way chestnuts were handled and stored. They found ways that growers could reduce their costs without affecting quality.

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Consumer videos on beneficial Beneficial insects

Videos Paul Gazzola: Insect pests in vegetables, Mornington Peninsula, Victiria Peter Schreurs: Lettuce at Devon Meadows, Victoria Stuart Grigg:  Broccoli at Werribee Victoria This project examined consumer attitudes to insect contamination of vegetables, and whether there is likely to be …

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Anthracnose lettuce coral S Grigg

Managing anthracnose in lettuce

Anthracnose is a foliage disease of lettuce that causes significant crop losses in iceberg, cos and babyleaf lettuce. It is an intermittent disease in Australia, driven mainly by extended periods of wet weather, particularly in mild-cool wet periods, during which …

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An Thai Village

High quality, safe vegetables in northwest Vietnam

Locally grown, temperate vegetables were difficult to source in the north of Vietnam during summer. This study explored using elevated growing regions in northern Vietnam to meet the demand. It examined supply chain management, postharvest and production practices, and the …

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