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Safe-to-eat vegetable value chains in the Philippines

AHR leads an Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) project to help smallholder farmers in the Philippines produce safe vegetables using Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) protocols. The project aims to develop a number of value chains in Leyte and …

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Mr Sa and Mr Tung

Accredited safe vegetables help Vietnamese farmers earn more

    AHR leads a successful Australian-funded aid project, which is helping farmers in Northwest Vietnam access a new path to market for their vegetables—via an accreditation program—to help them sell into high-value modern retail markets in Hanoi. Key points …

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Pasture dieback files

Reports 1. MLA updates – Toowoomba 2. Pasture dieback brief updates September 2018 v5 4. Pasture dieback – Analysis of possible causes September 2018 5. Pasture Dieback in Queensland – A review of relevant literature v7 6. Pasture species to …

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Passionfruit postharvest best practice review

The Australian passionfruit industry is small, but steadily growing. However, previous work conducted on passionfruit supply chains (PF13006) found that poor retail quality remains a key issue limiting growth. Fluctuations in supply and price, inconsistent grading, poor storage techniques and …

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Understanding Brown Etch of Pumpkins

A project summary on understanding brown etch of pumpkins is available here. Brown etch almost always starts where the fruit is in contact with the ground, a stem, or another pumpkin. A reddish brown stain spreads across the skin, developing …

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