Integrated Crop Management in the Southern Philippines

Integrated Crop Management in the Southern Philippines

AHR collaborated on an Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) project aimed at increasing vegetable farmer profitability through integrated crop management (ICM). This involved research and training in: appropriate methods for management of key insect pests and diseases a …

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Robotics VegNET Video

The Australian vegetable industry invests in Robotics

Leaders in the field of robotics demonstrate the latest developments in robotics for vegetable producers.  This is not science fiction: the technology is in the pipeline and the user timeframe is in the next few years. Robotics encompass a whole …

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Mushroom research review

Mushroom Research Review

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Reduced tillage in permanent bed vegetable production

Reducing tillage in vegetable production can reduce input costs and is “softer” on the soil allowing biological process to build a more stable soil structure suitable for crop growth. Both the environmental and economic sustainability of the vegetable industry is …

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Big N Application

Anhydrous ammonia for vegetable crops: Could it be a viable proposition?

                Anhydrous ammonia has long been used as a preplant and side dressing fertiliser in the cotton and grain industries. It results in a high retention of nitrogen in the soil, reduced leaching …

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