Mike Titley, a vegetable agronomist at Applied Horticultural Research (AHR) in Australia, provides technical support to the project teams and farmers

Improving Income and Nutrition in Eastern and Southern Africa

AVRDC Eastern and Southern Africa recently received a visit from Mike Titley, a vegetable agronomist at Applied Horticultural Research (AHR) in Australia. AHR is one of the partners in the  VINESA project (“Improving income and nutrition in eastern and southern …

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Ms Luyen from Tu Nhien village and Ms Vu Thi Phuong Thanh from Fresh Studio are justifiably proud of the premium strawberries now grown in Tu Nhien village

How growing high-quality vegetables increased Vietnam vegetable farmers’ income by 150%

An Australian-funded project is helping farmers in Vietnam increase their income by supplying high-quality, certified-safe vegetables to retail stores and urban consumers in Hanoi. Using a value chain model developed as part of the ACIAR – AHR project team, farmers …

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Soil Wealth col

Integrated Crop Protection – Helping vegetable growers protect crops

Protecting crops in sustainable ways is vital for Australian vegetable producers to improve productivity and profitability. Crop protection practices, capabilities and attitudes differ in the levy paying vegetable industry. Markets and consumers expect pesticide use to be minimised. Pesticides may …

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Blind lettuce

Controlling transplant shock increases lettuce yields

Transplant shock is the reduction in growth that occurs when seedlings are transplanted from a container into the field.
This project showed that drenching lettuce seedlings with potassium nitrate at transplanting could increase yields by 20%.

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Anthracnose lettuce coral S Grigg

Managing anthracnose in lettuce

Anthracnose is a foliage disease of lettuce that causes significant crop losses in iceberg, cos and babyleaf lettuce. It is an intermittent disease in Australia, driven mainly by extended periods of wet weather, particularly in mild-cool wet periods, during which …

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