baby spinach crop 1

Crop scheduling for babyleaf spinach grown in Australia

Baby spinach grows rapidly and is normally only suitable for harvesting on a single day. Growers supplying processors need a way to determine that ideal day. The crop scheduling model is able to predict the harvest date, providing a useful management tool for industry.

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gas sampling

The effects of no-till vegetable farming on greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon

This project measured greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon levels from lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and potato crops and methods developed to collect greenhouse gas emission data.

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Irrigation banner

Managing water for yield and profit

The training guide produced gives information and tools to help growers manage crop water use to maximise returns, minimise production risks, and to calculate the real value of the water applied.

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Soil Wealth: Healthy soils for profitable vegetable crops

Healthy soil is the lifeblood of Australian vegetable producers, and most growers are keen to manage their soils in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

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floating covers and barrier

An investigation of low cost protective cropping

Prolonged heat waves and other extreme weather events can seriously impact vegetable quality, reducing grower profit and interrupting supply. Low cost protective structures can potentially fill the gap between open field production and full controlled-environment production.

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