Soil Wealth: Healthy soils for profitable vegetable crops

Healthy soil is the lifeblood of Australian vegetable producers, and most growers are keen to manage their soils in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

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floating covers and barrier

An investigation of low cost protective cropping

Prolonged heat waves and other extreme weather events can seriously impact vegetable quality, reducing grower profit and interrupting supply. Low cost protective structures can potentially fill the gap between open field production and full controlled-environment production.

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Integrating soil health practices into a commercial vegetable farming operation

Vegetable growers in Australia mainly use conventional cultivation methods, including rotary hoes and disc ploughing, which are expensive and damaging to soils. Improving soil health through the use of organic composts, biofumigant cover crops, legumes and minimum tillage can increase …

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Controlling multiple heading and transplant shock in lettuce

Blindness in lettuce results in multiple heading in mature plants, causing the lettuce to be unsaleable. Developing in the seedling phase, the condition is generally a problem for seedling propagators over summer. This trial is seeking ways to overcome or prevent blindness in lettuce—increasing the proportion of saleable lettuce per crop.

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Development of a crop scheduling model for cos and iceberg lettuce in Australia

This project developed a robust, climate-based scheduling model which was tested in key growing regions to help growers determine how many seedlings to plant; the variety / lettuce type to plant; and when to plant.
It can help growers obtain maximum benefit from their crops.

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