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Identifying and sharing postharvest best practice on-farm and online

Postharvest handling—the link between production and consumption —hasn’t received much attention. Yet postharvest strategies can improve quality and shelf life, and reduce costs, giving a better product for consumers and greater profits for growers. Existing recommendations describe what happens under optimum conditions, but what happens when conditions are less than ideal?

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Managing the impacts of climate on the Australian vegetable industry

Climate variability and change will affect growers and the industry as it impacts rainfall, temperatures, extreme weather events, pollination, pests, growing seasons, incidence of frost and more. This review identified actions growers and the industry can take to safeguard against climate related threats for specific vegetable crops across Australia.

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Pest and disease identifier App Now Available! Veg Pest ID

Veg Pest ID helps farmers and agricultural professionals identify pests on Australian vegetable crops. Even tricky insects, diseases and disorders can be found with a few taps or keyword search. Identify Pests Quickly:  Identify thousands of different pests on your …

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