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Biosecurity VegNET Video

Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus: Biosecurity lessons from the Northern Territory, Australia

Vegetable growers from the Northern Territory speak about the real and present threat of cucumber green mottle mosaic virus, and about what biosecurity measures they’ve adopted to protect their crops. When the virus first appeared cucurbit growers were put on …

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IPM VegNET Video

Integrated Pest Management of vegetable pests: A more sustainable approach

Australian vegetable growers talk about how Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has enhanced the way they achieve new and sustainable results in dealing with potentially ruinous vegetable pests many of which had developed pesticide resistance. Click here to watch the video  …

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Spray Technology for vegetable growers: A guide to getting it right

Spray application technology expert Scott Mathew explains the fundamentals of effective spray application for vegetable growers. He demonstrates easy and commonsense ways to test the water quality and (lack of) turbidity; water droplet size and density for thorough and even …

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Mushroom research review

Mushroom Research Review

Fruit fly management for vegetable growers

Fruit fly management for vegetable growers

Fruit flies are recognised as one of the world’s most serious pests for horticulture. They can breed rapidly, disperse widely and successfully infest most fruit and fruiting vegetables. The larvae not only destroy infested fruit, but are a major quarantine issue for both domestic and international markets. See five new videos that will explain how to manage fruit flies, and also the new Fruit fly management for vegetable growers handbook, both outputs of the project.

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