Pests and diseases

A disease-free product is easier to market, and one which brings a premium price to the grower. The difference is significant between healthy leeks grown in healthy soil following a biofumigant cover crop (at left) and (at right) a less-than-optimum result – control crop of leeks where no cover crop was grown.

Soil diseases in vegetables under attack in new project

Link to ABC Rural story and interview Soil-borne diseases are a major threat to vegetable produce in intensive cropping systems, costing Australia’s $4 billion vegetable industry around $120 million per annum, while management has become more difficult with fewer chemical …

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Food safety Guidelines

Food Safety Guidelines – New!

  The Fresh Produce Safety Centre (FPSC) is an industry-led organisation established in 2013 to enhance fresh produce food safety across Australia and New Zealand through research, outreach and education. Industry consultation by the FPSC identified the need to update …

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Internal Rot Capsicums

A new fact sheet on Internal rot in capsicum: Causes and control

Internal rot in capsicum is an infection on the seeds, placenta or internal wall(s) of capsicum red fruit. Normally, symptoms are only seen once the fruit is cut open. The external appearance of the fruit is completely normal. The disease …

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ICP update banner

Integrated Crop Protection Update October 2015

                    The Integrated Crop Protection (ICP) extension project aims to promote best management practices for plant health in the Australian vegetable industry, including responsible chemical use. Protecting crops is vital for …

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Managing insect contaminants in processed leafy vegetables: A best practice guide

Insects are potential contaminants of processed leafy vegetables. Pest and beneficial species, in both the juvenile and adult stages of their life cycles can become unwanted contaminants if they make their way from the field into the final packaged product …

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