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Consumer videos on beneficial Beneficial insects

Videos Paul Gazzola: Insect pests in vegetables, Mornington Peninsula, Victiria Peter Schreurs: Lettuce at Devon Meadows, Victoria Stuart Grigg:  Broccoli at Werribee Victoria This project examined consumer attitudes to insect contamination of vegetables, and whether there is likely to be …

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Anthracnose lettuce coral S Grigg

Managing anthracnose in lettuce

Anthracnose is a foliage disease of lettuce that causes significant crop losses in iceberg, cos and babyleaf lettuce. It is an intermittent disease in Australia, driven mainly by extended periods of wet weather, particularly in mild-cool wet periods, during which …

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floating covers and barrier

An investigation of low cost protective cropping

Prolonged heat waves and other extreme weather events can seriously impact vegetable quality, reducing grower profit and interrupting supply. Low cost protective structures can potentially fill the gap between open field production and full controlled-environment production.

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Qfly egg laying in chilli

New in-field treatment solutions to control fruit fly

Fruit flies are considered the world’s most serious group of horticultural pests. The withdrawal of insecticides dimethoate and fenthion has made it increasingly challenging for growers to prevent infestation of fruiting vegetable crops and meet stringent market access requirements.

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7.3 rutherglen bug on salad

Controlling insect contaminants in processed leafy vegetables

Insect contamination in fresh and processed produce is a significant recurring problem for leafy vegetable growers and processors—with rejections leading to lost sales for growers, cost for processors and bad publicity for retailers.
This project looks at better ways of reducing insect contamination in the field and in the factory …

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