Improved postharvest management of chestnuts

A project AHR conducted for the chestnut industry in 2013 identified some inefficiencies in the way chestnuts were handled and stored. They found ways that growers could reduce their costs without affecting quality.

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Consumer videos on beneficial Beneficial insects

Videos Paul Gazzola: Insect pests in vegetables, Mornington Peninsula, Victiria Peter Schreurs: Lettuce at Devon Meadows, Victoria Stuart Grigg:  Broccoli at Werribee Victoria This project examined consumer attitudes to insect contamination of vegetables, and whether there is likely to be …

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Developing a nutrient and/or health claim label for packaged babyleaf spinach and rocket

Establishing nutrient claim data for babyleaf spinach and rocket will help Australia’s fruit and vegetable industries to make informed and up-to-date decisions relating to nutrition labelling and health claims.

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Nutrient content and portion size of avocados

While consumers knew about the monounsaturated fat contained in avocados, they had less knowledge of other nutrients and bioactive compounds. The project aimed to establish a suitable portion size for avocado and conduct dietary modelling.
It explored whether consumers wanted additional nutrient and health information from industry.

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Broccoli Florets

Preserving peak freshness of broccoli to increase sales

When the vegetable industry commissioned a series of studies on consumer vegetable choices in 2013, broccoli was a popular purchase—perceived as a healthy, tasty vegetable. However, inconsistency in retail quality and shelf life kept purchases down.
This project is investigating the retail quality of broccoli and will propose ways to improve it if particular issues are uncovered.

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