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Identifying and sharing postharvest best practice on-farm and online

Postharvest handling—the link between production and consumption —hasn’t received much attention. Yet postharvest strategies can improve quality and shelf life, and reduce costs, giving a better product for consumers and greater profits for growers. Existing recommendations describe what happens under optimum conditions, but what happens when conditions are less than ideal?

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How sunburn affects the quality of pomegranate fruit

This trial is a great example of the importance of antioxidants for plant health. For healthy fruit, severe stress of any sort should be avoided to ensure the antioxidant system is not stretched beyond its limit. If it is, visual damage will occur, resulting in a loss of product quality.

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Supplying quality vegetables from the Nghe An province of Vietnam

This innovate project between Metro Cash and Carry Vietnam, the Agricultural Science Institute of Northern Central Vietnam and Applied Horticultural Research in Australia is resulting in high quality, clean vegetables for consumers in Vietnam.

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Improving the sugar content and quality of rockmelons

This project developed and tested agronomic techniques capable of producing rockmelons with consistently high sugar content (measured by SCC) in the major melon growing regions in Australia. Techniques were developed that enabled growers to increase fruit soluble solids (sugars) from …

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Improving yield of quality seedless watermelons

How best to maximise the yield of seedless watermelons while maintaining adequate quality? Consumers will only pay a premium for seedless melons if the quality is there. This study addressed low yield, internal cracking and hollowness, poor flesh colour and seeds, and came up with strategies to maximise yield for each growing region.

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