Soil management

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The effects of no-till vegetable farming on greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon

This project measured greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon levels from lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and potato crops and methods developed to collect greenhouse gas emission data.

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Managing water for yield and profit

The training guide produced gives information and tools to help growers manage crop water use to maximise returns, minimise production risks, and to calculate the real value of the water applied.

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Soil Wealth: Healthy soils for profitable vegetable crops

Healthy soil is the lifeblood of Australian vegetable producers, and most growers are keen to manage their soils in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

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Integrating soil health practices into a commercial vegetable farming operation

Vegetable growers in Australia mainly use conventional cultivation methods, including rotary hoes and disc ploughing, which are expensive and damaging to soils. Improving soil health through the use of organic composts, biofumigant cover crops, legumes and minimum tillage can increase …

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Root nodules on Morgan Field peas which are coverting nitrogen from the air into a form plants can use RGB

Improving sustainability through no-till permanent bed vegetable production systems

A no-till farming system was developed to increase the sustainability of horticultural cropping systems. Trials around Australia examined bed formation, irrigation systems, soil testing and base fertiliser application, selection and management of cover crops, transplanting and growing the main crop. Read how savings can be made and soil improved …

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