Avocado supply chain resources

Four essential new resources have been developed for the Australian avocado industry

appetite-1238257_1920The new best practice resources provide Avocado supply chain members with the latest best practice information.  They include:


  • Supply-chain best practice guide
  • Fruit-quality problem solver manual
  • Supply-chain checklists
  • Review of postharvest avocado research


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The best practice materials are free for Australian avocado industry stakeholders, and are available electronically from the library section of the Avocados Australia Best Practice Resource - click here to go to the website.

To order printed copies of the resources, or for more information, please contact AHR researcher Adam Goldwater at adam.goldwater@ahr.com.au or contact the AHR office on 02 8627 1040.



Supply Chain Best Practice GuideBPG

This guide summarises best practice recommendations from grower to transporter to retailer. It includes guidelines on how the key factors affecting avocado quality can be managed to supply consistently high-quality fruit. It also demonstrates (at each stage of the supply chain) how losses in quality can occur if best practice is not followed. The guide has a strong focus on temperature management, which is one of the most critical factors in maintaining postharvest quality.




PSFruit Quality Problem Solver

Designed to be used in conjunction with the best practice guide, it outlines the major fruit quality issues that can occur as avocados travel through the supply chain. The focus is on postharvest issues and includes external and internal defects as well as ripening- and storage-related problems. The problem solver can be used to help you identify a problem, find out what is causing it and how to minimise or prevent it.





Supply Chain ChecklistsChecklists

The checklists summarise the key actions needed to maintain the postharvest quality of avocados. A number of records are suggested, as a way of ensuring activities are correctly performed and recorded. Space is left for the business to determine which processes have the highest priority and the status of each activity can be noted by the relevant staff. The checklists should be reviewed regularly to allow system improvements from month to month and season to season.




Review of Best PracticeReview

There is an opportunity to dig deeper into factors affecting postharvest quality of avocados via a detailed review of international avocado research. With thousands of peer-reviewed papers written on postharvest management of avocados, this document summarises that information in an easy-to-read format.







These resources have been developed as part of the Cool Chain Best Practice Adoption Project (AV15010) which is funded by Hort Innovation, using the Avocado industry levy and contributions from the Australian Government.