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Biofumigant Field Day – Manjimup a great success

On September 17th a field day on biofumigation at David and Lee East’s Bewray farm at Manjimup, WA attracted over 45 growers and industry specialists.

The field day was held as part of Horticulture Innovation Australia’s (HIA) national Soil Wealth program, which aims to communicate information to farmers about practical and economically sound practices to improve soil health

The field day speakers included grower David East, leading vegetable agronomist Mike Titley and 2015 AUSVEG Researcher of the Year, Dr Doris Blaesing.

Also speaking was Deb Archdeacon, a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture who has promoted a range of effective approaches to improving soil wealth in the South West of WA for many years.

Around 45 people attended the day including many farmers, agronomists, government agencies and machinery dealers. Along with many local vegetable farmers, who travelled from Perth, Busselton and Bunbury to attend the field day

By Danny Fyffe (0437 353 748) and Gordon Rogers (0418 51 7777)  Applied Horticultural Research

Manjimup Field Day

Manjimup Field Day

Caliente mulched ready for incorporation

Caliente mulched ready for incorporation

Caliente  ready for mulching

Caliente ready for mulching