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Postharvest training on fruit and vegetables

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Fruit and vegetables are living and breathing, even after harvest. Do you know how to keep your produce in the best possible condition until it reaches the consumer?
Good postharvest management makes economic sense. Learn how to protect your investment in quality produce by retaining quality, right through to the consumer. Invest in postharvest training for your staff – it pays off!

AHR postharvest experts, Dr Jenny Ekman and Adam Goldwater, are running postharvest training workshops in your area.


What we offer

Postharvest handling of fruit and vegetables: best practice fundamentals
A one-day training workshop on postharvest best practice aimed at growers, packing shed and QA staff, DC staff , retail fresh produce staff and supply chain managers.
You will learn how to handle and store fresh produce, maximise quality and minimise losses using cost effective techniques.

Cost: $490 per participant for a one day, hands-on training program.
All participants receive the latest information on postharvest management of fruit and vegetables, with demonstrations and activities. Case studies are tailored to your products and business. Course notes, a certificate on completion are also included.

Specialised postharvest training delivered at your workplace
Save money on travel – we can come to you! AHR can tailor postharvest training to suit your needs and crops, delivering it at your farm, packing or processing facility. Please call to discuss your needs and book a personalised training program.


Dates and locations

Melbourne: 20th August 2019

Devonport: 22nd August 2019

Brisbane: 27th August 2019

Sydney: 29th August 2019



Harvest – maximise quality from the start through correct harvest timing and handling
• Cooling – identify the best cooling strategy for your products, and compare cooling rates and efficiencies of different systems
• Food safety and sanitisers – learn how to use sanitisers effectively and control plant and human pathogens
Managing the storage environment – consider the effect of temperature on storage life, and ways to reduce water loss and manage effects of ethylene
• Quality assessment – use of equipment and guides to consistently assess quality
• Supply chain evaluation – identify where quality is lost in your supply chains, and how you can make use of real-time temperature monitoring
• New postharvest technologies – reduce postharvest losses using the latest postharvest techniques and treatments


About the trainers

Dr Jenny Ekman has more than 15 years’ postharvest research, training and extension experience in Australia, USA and the Philippines. Jenny teaches postharvest horticulture at the University of Sydney and University of Western Sydney. She has a highly Jenny Ekmaneffective and engaging presentation style.

Adam Goldwater has a degree in Horticultural Science and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science. He has a commercial background in postharvest best practice and recently completed the respected Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops training at the University of California, Davis.Adam Goldwater

Adam and Jenny have recently run highly acclaimed postharvest training courses and workshops for the Australian vegetable and avocado industries. They are authors of ‘Postharvest management of vegetables: Australian supply chain handbook’.


Bookings and further enquiries

Discuss your training needs, request a quotation, or make a booking, by contacting Applied Horticultural Research on +61 2 8627 1040; or contact Adam Goldwater directly on 0466 080 693 or