New in-field treatment solutions to control fruit fly

fruit fly on citrus

Fruit flies are considered the world’s most serious group of horticultural pests. The withdrawal of insecticides dimethoate and fenthion has made it increasingly challenging for growers to prevent infestation of fruiting vegetable crops and meet stringent market access requirements.

Why study this?

The aim of this project is to develop and demonstrate integrated crop solutions for fruit fly control through cage trials of new strategies and field trials of previously laboratory-based methods. From this research data resources and tools will be developed for growers.

What was done

The project will be largely guided by the findings of project VG13040. A number of cage trials have already examined the effect of repellents; however, infestation rates were too low to draw conclusions. Field trials have been planned, and will commence (along with data collection) in suitable locations once weather becomes sufficiently warm.

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Dr Jenny Ekman, Applied Horticultural Research Pty Ltd