Postharvest management of vegetables: Australian supply chain handbook and website

A new handbook outlining the best and most cost-effective ways for handling vegetables in the post-harvest period is now available.


Postharvest management of vegetables: Australian supply-chain handbook is just one of the resources developed as part of the Horticulture Innovation Australia funded project, created using industry levies and matched funds from the Australian Government.

Horticulture Innovation Australia chief executive officer John Lloyd said the handbook will be a useful guide for all parts of the supply chain, from suppliers to growers to retailers.

“This book is the culmination of more than 20 years of vegetable supply-chain related-research and includes a great depth of information that up until now, has not been available to industry,” he said. “It is a unique resource, specific to the Australian market.”

The handbook includes technical information on general post-harvest principles, from understanding the effects of storage atmosphere to how to evaluate and manage produce quality. It also includes best-practice guides for 23 key vegetable crops, and quick reference tables for storage and transport.

In the creation of the book, researchers Applied Horticulture Research consulted with more than 50 postharvest specialists and growers, through platforms such as a workshop in Melbourne, industry meetings and events, and farm visits.

To order a copy of the free handbook email Applied Horticulture Research office manager Sandra Marques at

Click here to download a pdf version of the vegetable postharvest book.

New Website: There is also a great website that has the information from the postharvest book, plus detailed factsheets for selected vegetable crops, and fast look up tables of the key information. Click here to link to the website

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This project output (VG13083) has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia using the vegetable industry levy and funds from the Australian Government.HIA